Friday, October 15, 2010


ExpenseManager is a very easy to use application for managing expenses. You don't have to worry about starting your laptop/desktop and then logging an expense in a clumsy spreadsheet. This application lets you log an expense in seconds. You can use it where ever you have access to your Android powered cell phone. 

You have nine options available through menu:

Setup: You can setup your monthly income and currency code on this page. If monthly income is setup View Expense page shows your balance for the month. Email will be used for future releases.

Enter Expense: You enter your expense on this page. Datetime Stamp get pre-populated but it can be edited. You have to make sure that the format is correct. Valid format is 15-Oct-2010 5:26:00 PM. A tap on reset sets everything to null and refreshes timestamp. This application comes pre-loaded with a few common stores. Adding too many stores would have slowed down the application. You start typing the name and it will prompt matching stores. You don't have to worry if your store does not show up, you can add it by going to menu and then selecting 'Add Store'. Enter amount and Notes(optional) and tap on save.

View Expense: It displays total expense for the month and the balance if monthly income is setup on the setup page. It also shows all the entries for the whole month.

View Totals by Store: It displays total expense and the totals for each store for the current month. If you tap on month it displays every entry for the month. If you tap on store name it displays total expense for the month for the selected store and the every entry making up that total.

View Archive: This displays totals for every month. You can tap on month to get details for the month. It works like View Expense.

Search/Delete: It allows you to search any entry and delete if needed. You can search by Store or Month or amount range. Acceptable format for month is Mon-YYYY(Oct-2010).

Stores Visited: It lists all the stores you have an entry for with the most recent entry date.

Add Store: Here, you can add a new store which has not been added yet. Description is required and as soon as a store is added it starts showing on the expense entry page.

Help: It opens up this page in Internet Browser.

Here are some screenshots
Enter Expense
View Expense
View Archive

Result of Search/Delete

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